Aroni and Ian: A loving pair

By Amber Foster

By Amber Foster


When I got the call from a friend of a friend to help out an unknown pregnant girl, I never imagined that she would become a daughter to me. Over the past year of living in my home, Aroni has opened up her shy heart to our family. Aroni has not allowed her horrific past to destroy her beautiful heart or her deep faith in God. She has stories that you have no choice but to doubt, but she has the scars to prove it.

Aroni is kind and loving and the best mother to Ian. Ian adores her and she adores him. She struggles with her self-esteem and a slight rebuff can quickly turn into a tearful and intense apology. She is a quiet but funny girl. She is a wonderful artist and often uses her skills to make little cards and posters to brighten my day. Aroni is hungry for a place to call home and a family of her own. I am so very thankful that we can help provide that.

Roly poly Ian is our little man of the house. At one year old he is just starting to play around with the idea of walking. He’s rough and tumble and loves to wrestle around on the couch. His giggles fill our house with joy. He’s definitely a mama’s boy but loves to play as long as mama doesn’t stray too far away.  

We are so blessed by both of these sweet spirits.  We are excited to see Ian’s face as he enjoys the ocean for the first time and watch Aroni share the experience with her baby boy.  Join us in sharing family vacation with Aroni and Ian.

(Because Ian is so small, he doesn't really factor into the food, lodging and transportation costs. So one sponsorship of $150 wil cover both Aroni and Ian). 


If you would like to sponsor Aroni and Ian, please leave a comment below. The cost of sponsorship is $150 to cover food, transportation, lodging and presents for the weekend. Donations can be made online at or by sending check contributions to Breaking Chains Honduras at P.O. Box 20454 Oklahoma City, OK 73156.