Oscar: Our wonderful house dad


By John Carson

By John Carson

Oscar is a doer. I don’t know what he does during the day when he is not at the building, but I guarantee he is doing. He and Alba are our house parents and watch over the building and the teens during the nighttime hours. I kind of have to stay on top of what Oscar is doing or I find things in the garden or around the building that I don’t expect to be there. Like the two papaya trees growing in the garden I found last week.

Because of Oscar’s doing nature, his hands are into many things. He helps with church services, communion, and other project type things around the facility like building our new doors. I appreciate his many talents and know-how of things related to Honduras and the culture. We love how he cares for all in our ministry and in the building.

Please help our wonderful house dad have a wonderful beach Christmas!

If you would like to sponsor Oscar, please leave a comment below. The cost of sponsorship is $150 to cover food, transportation, lodging and presents for the weekend. Donations can be made online at bchonduras.org/donate or by sending check contributions to Breaking Chains Honduras at P.O. Box 20454 Oklahoma City, OK 73156.