Our latest newsletter is now available!

Our latest newsletter is now available online! Take a moment to check out all that God has been doing at Breaking Chains over the last few months. Please consider contributing to purchase school supplies for our BC church family - we still need sponsors! Please also be in prayer for our new young adults, our education program students, and our BC church family.

Thank you as always for your continued support! Check out the latest newsletter here. 

Help send our BC church kiddos back to school by contributing toward school supplies!

It’s that time of year again! It’s back to school time in Honduras, and we need your help making sure the kids Breaking Chains serves have the supplies they need to succeed.

We are so blessed to spend our Sundays with many children who worship with us as a part of our BC church family. We love being able to share God’s word, love and community with them each week. (You can see some of their sweet faces here.) The majority of these children come from very low-income families and difficult life circumstances. We know, though, that one of the keys to a brighter future is education.  

The Honduran school year runs February to November, which means that most kids will head back to school soon. Although public education in Honduras is technically free (meaning there is no monthly tuition), the families are still responsible for providing school supplies and uniforms for their children. A typical school supply list for one child costs around $50 to fulfill. That may not sound like a lot, but multiply that by a few children per family and it becomes an almost insurmountable burden for parents who already struggle and live in poverty.

This year, we are seeking to fulfill school supply lists for 150 to 200 children. Last year, through your generosity, we were able to supply more than 150 children with the supplies they needed for school! We were blown away by the support, and so was our BC church family. As mentioned, each list requires around $50 to fulfill. We ask that you please consider giving in whatever way you are capable in order to give these kids a great start to their school year. We will total all of the contributions given and buy supplies for as many students as funds allow.

This may seem like a simple one-time donation, but it has lasting effects. Having all of the necessary supplies will sustain a student throughout the school year. And with each level of school completed, the student will grow in knowledge, in esteem and in hope for the future.

If you would like to make a one-time donation, you may do so online via the donate page of the website. Just click on the donate button and enter whatever amount you would like to give. If you prefer to make a check donation, simply make the check payable to “Breaking Chains Honduras” and mail to P.O. Box 20454 Oklahoma City, OK 73156.

We are continually humbled by your support and your choice to stand alongside Breaking Chains and those it serves. Thank you for partnering with us! 

We still need a few more sponsors for Beach Christmas!


We are getting ready to rock and roll for Beach Christmas this weekend, but we still have a few people who need sponsors. Below are the names of the individuals awaiting sponsorship. Please consider a contribution to help our BC family spend a wonderful weekend away celebrating God's faithfulness this year! You can read more about how we celebrate Beach Christmas here

Juan: A proud papa

Martha: A single mom giving it her all

Edis: Working hard for her family

Eugenio: A quiet family man

Alba: Our loving house mom

Hermilenda and Diastefano's family: Our gracious Beach Christmas hosts

Eugenio: A quiet family man

By Courtney Sullivan 

Eugenio and his family have been a part of our ministry for the past several years. Eugenio typically doesn't say much, and he comes off as very serious, but he is a quiet and dedicated leader. 

Eugenio works contstruction and odd jobs to support himself, his wife Edis, and his four children (Nayeli, Escarlen, Melvin and Michel). Sometimes work is scarce, and times become tough. Eugenio is always consistent, though. He loves his family fiercely and works faithfully to do his best for them. 

We love watching Eugenio interact with his children at Beach Christmas. It's a weekend away from stress where he doesn't have to worry about work or how to put food on the table that day. He can just relax and spend time with the kids he works so hard for. Last year, we were amazed as we watched Eugenio spent hours pushing around his daughter Michel on a float in the ocean. It was a task that seemed so repetitive from the outside, but Eugenio was so patient and loving. We know that kind of example is having such a positive impact on his kids. 

-If you are interested in sponsoring Eugenio, please click on the blog title and leave a reply in the comments section. A full sponsorship is $150. You can contribute online via the donate page of the website. You can also mail check donations to P.O. Box 20454 Oklahoma City, OK 73156.-

Our wonderful drivers: Rafa and Edwin

By Courtney Sullivan 


Each year we are blessed to be able to travel to Amapala thanks to some wonderful transportation provided to us by Honduras Travelling. They are generous enough to donate most of their services for the trip, and they only ask that we help out with gas and take care of their drivers during the weekend.

Rafa and Edwin are the two drivers we use the most during our busy summer months, and they have joined us at Beach Christmas for the past few years. We spend so much time with Rafa and Edwin over the summer, that they have essentially become a part of our BC family. All of our teens and BC family members love them, and we love watching the way they interact during Beach Christmas. Some of the best parts of the trip are watching Rafa and Edwin hoist kids on their shoulders for chicken fights or participate with our teens in cannonball contests.  

Rafa and Edwin take wonderful care of us, and we would like to take care of them in return. Rafa and Edwin will be spending the whole weekend with us in Amapala. The will need one sponsor of $150 total to cover their food and lodging costs, plus a little extra for the weekend. Please consider contributing toward these two drivers who help us so much during the year. They definitely deserve this opportunity to relax for all of their hard work! 

Dayana: Boundless energy and a heart of gold

By Courtney Sullivan


Dayana is a hilarious ball of energy and a dancing machine. If you have visited Breaking Chains in the last several years, you know that to be true. And if you’ve visited consistently over the last several years, you have seen what an incredible change God has made in her life.

Dayana can be a lot to handle. She struggles to pay attention and behave at times, as do many 10-year-olds. But she has come a long way and transformed beautifully since the beginning thanks to support from her wonderful parents, her BC family, and God’s continued hand in her life.

Underneath all of Dayana’s energy lies a heart of gold. She has an incredible ability for empathy, makes connections quickly, and feels things deeply. We pray that God will continue to mold and shape her ability to care for others into a beautiful future.  

Dayana also LOVES the beach. We always laugh that Dayana has no voice left at the end of each beach trip because she has laughed and talked and played too hard. Sharing time with her family and our BC family brings her so much joy. Please consider sponsoring to give Dayana a wonderful Beach Christmas this year!

-If you are interested in sponsoring Dayana, please click on the blog title and leave a reply in the comments section. A full sponsorship is $150. You can contribute online through the donate page of the blog. You can also mail check contributions to P.O. Box 20454 Oklahoma City, OK 73156.-