Starting the new bilingual school year strong

Our 19 bilingual students started their school year at the end of August, and they have had a great first several weeks!

One of the biggest blessings of the school year is that all the kids get to ride our new bus! We purchased the bus this summer which served our visiting mission groups. Now it is picking up and dropping off all 19 students. The bus provides much needed consistency and support for our students, their families, and the ministry as a whole. Plus, our good friend Rafa is now our full-time driver! We love being able to count on him and see him interact with the kids every day. We are so grateful to all the donors who made this possible.


The new school year has already been full of celebrations. In August, the kids celebrated being back to school by taking fun first day pictures with their classmates and teachers.

Photo credit: Integrity Academy

Photo credit: Integrity Academy

Photo credit: Integrity Academy

Photo credit: Integrity Academy

In September, they had their first of many celebrations by honoring their country with Flag Day.

Photo credit: Integrity Academy

Photo credit: Integrity Academy

Photo credit: Integrity Academy

Photo credit: Integrity Academy

Then, they reveled in the joy of being kids by celebrating Dia del Nino (Children’s Day) with games, food and costumes.

Photo credit: Integrity Academy

Photo credit: Integrity Academy

Photo credit: Integrity Academy

Photo credit: Integrity Academy

Finally, they celebrated Independence Day and their Honduran heritage with a Feria Catracha. The students wore traditional dress or Honduras-themed t-shirts as they played games, listened to stories, and ate Honduran food in celebration of their country’s history.

Photo credit: Integrity Academy

Photo credit: Integrity Academy

Photo credit: Integrity Academy

Photo credit: Integrity Academy

We love this school and all the ways it pours into its students and instills them with pride for themselves and their country. Thank you to everyone who gives generously to make these opportunities possible for our BC Kids!

Known for love: Serving in memory of Antonio

Last September, we mourned the life of a sweet soul gone too soon. This year, on the anniversary of his death, we honored his life through one of his favorite forms of service - building a home for a family in need.

Antonio at Beach Christmas 2017.

Antonio at Beach Christmas 2017.

Antonio came to live at Breaking Chains in his early teen years. He had a lot of anger and a tough outer shell that he wouldn’t allow to crack. Over time, that shell softened and we saw light break through to the loving soul inside. One day he came to us to say that he was struggling with addiction and asked to go to rehab. After he resiliently completed rehab, he went to live with our friends at Mountain Top Ministries so he could live further away from the temptation of the streets. At MTM, Antonio thrived even more. He completed his elementary education, learned to cut hair and worked various construction jobs. He remained clean and sober, and he shared his joy of life with all he encountered. When he was killed, it left a hole in all our hearts.

To honor Antonio on the anniversary of his death, we teamed up with MTM to build a house in the community of Chaguite. It was a beautiful way to serve a family in need while also remembering the heart of a young man who loved to serve others, especially through building houses.

Earlier this year, MTM made shirts with a drawing of Antonio’s silhouette inset into the phrase “They will know you for your love.” Antonio certainly showed God through his love, and we hope to carry that love with us in service to others.

Thank you to the donors who allowed us to honor Antonio and made this day special for both ministries!


Please consider sponsoring one of our bilingual education students!


This year, our bilingual program has grown to 18 students. We can’t wait to see the ways in which God continues to grow them personally, spiritually, and academically in the coming months. The 2019-2020 school year begins later this month. While we are blessed that the majority of our students have their full upfront and monthly costs covered, we still have two students in need of additional monthly support.

A solid education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty and opening up doors for the future. We are blessed to see how each year in the program the kids grow not only academically but in their confidence and outlook as well.

Please take a look at the profiles below and consider a monthly contribution! Any amount contributed, if not a full sponsorship, can be paired with other donors to cover the full costs for a student. It would mean the world to these kids, their families, and the ministry as a whole. If you have any questions, please email for more information.

Please continue to pray for these students as they begin the new school year. We are grateful to everyone who invests in their futures, and we are excited to see them continue to grow.

We have a bus! Thank you to everyone who donated!


It’s been a busy summer, and in the craziness of everything we have neglected to post about one of our biggest updates - we now own a bus! What an incredible blessing and answer to prayer! Thanks to the support of several generous individuals and churches, earlier this summer we were able to purchase a Coaster bus to serve our bilingual students, our BC teens, and our visiting mission teams!

The 28 passenger bus has served us all summer helping transport our U.S. volunteers, and it will get put to even greater use later this month as our 18 bilingual school students head back to school. The gently used bus came at a great price, with low miles and minimal maintenance issues. We are hopeful it can serve the ministry for years to come!

Having our own bus gives us the ability to grow our education program and provides much needed consistency in transporting our bilingual students and our BC teens. Its use with our summer teams also helps generate income to cover regular maintenance and save for other needs.

Another wonderful advantage of owning the bus is that we were able to hire Rafa, a longtime friend and skillful driver, as our full-time employee. Having Rafa means that we have a consistent driver whom we know and trust, and it also provides more financial stability for him and his family.

We cannot say thank you enough to the hearts who gave to make this possible. Having this vehicle has been a dream and prayer of ours for the last few years, and we are grateful to God and the generous people He has placed in our path that made it a reality.

Our summer season is now over, but the bilingual school year begins later this month. Please continue to pray over this blessing and this program as our students look toward another year of learning and personal growth. We are blessed beyond measure.

Join our bus campaign!


Education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Over the years, we have seen the value of education proven over and over through our sponsorship program. Not only do the kids grow academically throughout their time in the program, but with each passing year they grow more in confidence and in their outlook for the future. Through the help of generous supporters, we will sponsor 29 students for quality education opportunities in 2019. Sixteen of those students attend private, Christian, bilingual school.

As the bilingual program continues to grow, so does our need for adequate transportation. In the past we have rented small buses through private services. Those services are expensive, though, and will continue to get even more expensive as the program grows and we require a larger bus. Our team and board have decided that it is a better investment for us to purchase our own bus to serve the program. The advantages of having our own transportation are:

  • Future program growth: The bus will hold up to 26 passengers, which is plenty of room to serve our current students and add more in the coming years.   

  • Sustainable income: The bus can be used during summer break (June and July) when the children are not in school to help transport our visiting U.S. mission teams. This will allow us to generate additional income for the education program and the ministry as a whole.

  • A trusted, personal driver: Having our own bus allows us to hire a consistent, trusted driver who knows the ministry well and is committed to its purpose.

  • Additional transportation: The only vehicles the ministry has now are the missionaries’ personal vehicles. For any activities that require more space (our Beach Christmas trip, reward activities, etc.) we have to pay for public transportation or rent through a private service. Our own bus gives us a vehicle which can be used for various ministry purposes.

  • Flexibility: Ownership will allow us flexibility in the times and locations for picking up and dropping off our students as well as in providing transportation for extracurricular activities and special programs.

The monthly costs of owning the vehicle (driver, gas, insurance, parking, etc.) are already provided for in the monthly sponsorship costs for the bilingual students. Additionally, through providing transportation to our mission teams (at the same cost to them as usual), we could generate an additional $5000 to $6000 per year which can be put directly back into the bus and the education program as a whole. Having our own bus will allow us to better steward costs, provide us with more flexibility and control, and give us a way to generate additional income.
Here is where we need your help! The total cost of the need is $55,000 ($50,000 for the bus and $5,000 set aside as a maintenance reserve). We are hopeful to receive $20,000 through a separate contributor, and we are seeking to raise the remaining $35,000 from individual donors. Over the next several weeks we will be sharing about our need, and we ask you to consider making a contribution!

How to donate:
-Website: On the website here you can find different wheels representing various one-time giving amounts. Click on whichever amount you would like to give, and follow the instructions to complete your contribution through PayPal.
-Check contributions: If you prefer giving by check, you can mail contributions made out to “Breaking Chains Honduras” to P.O. Box 20454 Oklahoma City, OK 73156. Please email with your planned giving level so we can accurately track our goal progress.

Your contributions will make an impact on not only our bilingual students, but their families and the ministry as a whole. Thank you for your continuous support of our Breaking Chains family! 

Help break the cycle of poverty through education!

Over the years, your generosity has given dozens and dozens of children the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty through quality education. As time goes on, costs for tuition, transportation and tutoring increase, and so does our need for sponsorship. We currently have 14 students enrolled in Christian, bilingual school. However, three of those students are in need of supplemental sponsorship support to round out their full costs. 

The profiles of each child as well as their current support needs are listed below. Please take a look and consider a monthly contribution. You can choose to sponsor a child's full remaining costs, or choose a level of giving based on the needs listed. 

To sign up for a monthly sponsorship online, please click the link below the profile of the child you wish to support and choose your giving amount. You may also email with your desired level of sponsorship and send check donations monthly to P.O. Box 20454 Oklahoma City, OK 73156. 

Thank you for helping create a brighter future for these children through education!