Breaking Chains Honduras would not exist without the contributions of our generous friends, organizational partners and churches. As a non-profit organization, we are grateful for the continued financial giving that allows us to maintain our programs and operations. We are always seeking financial partners and take joy in forming relationships with people who feel a connection to the cause of the ministry.

 If you would like to get in touch with someone from Breaking Chains, please contact

Check donations may be sent to:

Breaking Chains Honduras
P.O. Box 20454
Oklahoma City, OK 73156

You may also sign up for recurring contributions or make one-time donations through PayPal. 

One Time Donation

Monthly Giving


Monthly Benevolence Support: $350 monthly/$4200

As the ministry continues to grow, so does our desire to increase our service capacity through regular benevolence. We have many church family members and friends in the community who need assistance from time to time with needs such as medical expenses, funeral costs, education supplies, etc. In order to help care for those we love, we are seeking additional support to supplement our existing benevolence budget. We are seeking an additional $350 per month in support.



Additional house parents: $700 monthly/$8,400 yearly total

At any given time, our Breaking Chains building houses five to fifteen young adults who are in periods of transition. We are only able to help these young adults on their journeys because of the help of our amazing house parents. The house parents serve as mentors, counselors, disciplinarians, and loving pillars of stability.

We are seeking to hire one additional full-time house parent and one additional part-time house parent to join our existing team. The additional employees would ensure that two house parents are able present at the building at all times, and would allow each employee to have more time for rest and renewal. The support needed to hire the additional house parents is $700 per month. Recurring donations of any amount will be beneficial in helping us reach our goal.  

Education Vehicle: $17,000 remainder needed

One of the most vibrant and fruitful components to the ministry is the education program. Through the help of generous donors, we were able to sponsor 25 students to attend quality schools in 2018. Twelve of those students attend bilingual school. Due to the increase in number of students, we have had to make some considerations regarding the best way to transport students and steward costs. After exploring different options, our team and board decided that it is a better investment for us to purchase a vehicle of our own to accommodate the students. The vehicle will allow us to save money in the long run as well as give us more flexibility and could be used for other ministry activities. 

We are seeking to raise $30,000 toward the purchase of a small bus ($25,000 for the vehicle purchase, and $5000 set aside for maintenance). Currently, we have $13,000 of that raised, but we are looking to raise the remainder. If you are interested in making a difference in education through a one-time contribution, this is a need that would serve the ministry greatly. Please email for more information. You may send check contributions to the PO Box address listed above, or make a one-time contribution below:

Missionary support

$ -Any amount

Each member of our missionary staff is responsible for raising his or her own personal salary support. As life circumstances change, so do financial needs. Our missionaries are continually seeking partners so that they can raise the personal salary needed to support their work in Honduras and take care of their families. If you would like to bless Breaking Chains by supporting one of our missionaries, please subscribe below. Any amount is helpful and would be an encouragement to our team.