Breaking Chains Honduras would not exist without the contributions of our generous friends, organizational partners and churches. As a non-profit organization, we are grateful for the continued financial giving that allows us to maintain our programs and operations. We are always seeking financial partners and take joy in forming relationships with people who feel a connection to the cause of the ministry.

 If you would like to get in touch with someone from Breaking Chains, please contact

Check donations may also be sent to:

Breaking Chains Honduras
P.O. Box 20454
Oklahoma City, OK 73156

You may also sign up for recurring contributions or make one-time donations through PayPal. 

If you would like to dedicate your contribution to a specific cause, please simply attach a note to your check contribution or write your designation in the comments section of your PayPal contribution. 

One Time Donation

Monthly Giving

Current Needs

Opportunities for recurring support

Remaining support for Breaking Chains preacher

$300 monthly/$3600 yearly total

Breaking Chains is currently in the process of hiring a new full-time preacher. Over the past few years, we have witnessed great growth in our BC church family, not just numerically, but also in love, hope and faithful maturity. Without the presence of a full-time preacher/minister, the spiritual outreach we do becomes very difficult. Some support has been secured already for our new preacher's salary; however, we still lack $300 in order to make up the rest of his salary and work fund. Please consider a monthly donation to help fund this effort.

Additional house parents

$500 monthly/$6000 yearly total

Two years ago, we hired our first set of full-time house parents at our Breaking Chains building, and the blessing they have provided to our BC teens has been invaluable. Not only do they serve as evening and nighttime guardians for our teens, they also serve as mentors, counselors, disciplinarians and loving pillars of stability.

This year, we are looking to hire a second set of parents. The additional pair would allow us to ensure that one set of parents is present at our Breaking Chains facility at all times (by trading off 24 hour shifts), and would allow each set of parents to have more time for rest and renewal. The support needed for our additional house parents is $500 per month. 

Missionary support

$ -Any amount

Each member of our missionary staff is responsible for raising his or her own personal salary support. As life circumstances change, so do financial needs. Our missionaries are seeking contributors to partner with them in 2017 so that they can raise the personal salary needed to support their work in Honduras and take care of their family. If you would like to bless Breaking Chains by supporting one of our missionaries, please subscribe below. Any amount is helpful and would be an encouragement to our team. 

One-Time Physical Needs:

Door and window replacement: $2000

Over the past year, our house dad Oscar has been helping us to replace nearly all of the doors and windows in the building. We needed a few steel doors for the street facing rooms, and due to the building's age, many of the wooden doors, windows and frames on the interior were falling apart. Many of the doors and windows have been replaced already thanks to donations from generous sponsors. However, it is a large building - and there are several more left to do. Being able to replace the remaining doors and windows will help with the overall functionality and aesthetic of our ministry building.