Marisol: A wonderful mother, teacher and friend

By Amber Foster

By Amber Foster


We met Marisol because she needed a house for her precious little family. We have grown to love Marisol for so much more. When our church first started growing and needing bible class teachers, Marisol volunteered. We never really know what that is going to mean as far as commitment or ability, but Marisol has proven to be a wonderful teacher who loves her little charges dearly.  

She has also become a dear friend. Rarely does a day go by that she doesn’t message us to remind us she praying for us and say some blessing over us. She checks on our kids and lends a hand in any way she can. Often before church she will come grab Abby so that I can focus on taking attendance and she can show off Abby to the congregation. She keeps her eye out in the market for baby clothes and shoes that she loves to surprise me with. Her hugs and smile are something we all look forward to each week.

Most of all she is a wonderful mother to her two kids. Both Yireth and Samuel have very strong personalities, but she parents them in a way that makes them polite and spirited. The kids are always among the favorites of the mission teams that visit and Samuel, ornery as he is, is a personal favorite of mine. Help us celebrate Christmas with this sweet family!


If you would like to sponsor Marisol, please leave a comment below. The cost of sponsorship is $150 to cover food, transportation, lodging and presents for the weekend. Donations can be made online at or by sending check contributions to Breaking Chains Honduras at P.O. Box 20454 Oklahoma City, OK 73156.