Our wonderful drivers: Rafa and Edwin

By Courtney Sullivan 


Each year we are blessed to be able to travel to Amapala thanks to some wonderful transportation provided to us by Honduras Travelling. They are generous enough to donate most of their services for the trip, and they only ask that we help out with gas and take care of their drivers during the weekend.

Rafa and Edwin are the two drivers we use the most during our busy summer months, and they have joined us at Beach Christmas for the past few years. We spend so much time with Rafa and Edwin over the summer, that they have essentially become a part of our BC family. All of our teens and BC family members love them, and we love watching the way they interact during Beach Christmas. Some of the best parts of the trip are watching Rafa and Edwin hoist kids on their shoulders for chicken fights or participate with our teens in cannonball contests.  

Rafa and Edwin take wonderful care of us, and we would like to take care of them in return. Rafa and Edwin will be spending the whole weekend with us in Amapala. The will need one sponsor of $150 total to cover their food and lodging costs, plus a little extra for the weekend. Please consider contributing toward these two drivers who help us so much during the year. They definitely deserve this opportunity to relax for all of their hard work!