Eugenio: A quiet family man

By Courtney Sullivan 

Eugenio and his family have been a part of our ministry for the past several years. Eugenio typically doesn't say much, and he comes off as very serious, but he is a quiet and dedicated leader. 

Eugenio works contstruction and odd jobs to support himself, his wife Edis, and his four children (Nayeli, Escarlen, Melvin and Michel). Sometimes work is scarce, and times become tough. Eugenio is always consistent, though. He loves his family fiercely and works faithfully to do his best for them. 

We love watching Eugenio interact with his children at Beach Christmas. It's a weekend away from stress where he doesn't have to worry about work or how to put food on the table that day. He can just relax and spend time with the kids he works so hard for. Last year, we were amazed as we watched Eugenio spent hours pushing around his daughter Michel on a float in the ocean. It was a task that seemed so repetitive from the outside, but Eugenio was so patient and loving. We know that kind of example is having such a positive impact on his kids. 

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