Dayana: Boundless energy and a heart of gold

By Courtney Sullivan


Dayana is a hilarious ball of energy and a dancing machine. If you have visited Breaking Chains in the last several years, you know that to be true. And if you’ve visited consistently over the last several years, you have seen what an incredible change God has made in her life.

Dayana can be a lot to handle. She struggles to pay attention and behave at times, as do many 10-year-olds. But she has come a long way and transformed beautifully since the beginning thanks to support from her wonderful parents, her BC family, and God’s continued hand in her life.

Underneath all of Dayana’s energy lies a heart of gold. She has an incredible ability for empathy, makes connections quickly, and feels things deeply. We pray that God will continue to mold and shape her ability to care for others into a beautiful future.  

Dayana also LOVES the beach. We always laugh that Dayana has no voice left at the end of each beach trip because she has laughed and talked and played too hard. Sharing time with her family and our BC family brings her so much joy. Please consider sponsoring to give Dayana a wonderful Beach Christmas this year!

-If you are interested in sponsoring Dayana, please click on the blog title and leave a reply in the comments section. A full sponsorship is $150. You can contribute online through the donate page of the blog. You can also mail check contributions to P.O. Box 20454 Oklahoma City, OK 73156.-