Tobasqui: Our bright and photogenic ball of energy


By Michael Carson


Tobasqui just finished his second grade year at Santa Monica, and he will start third grade in February. This kid can certainly be a punk when he wants to be, but he's easily the most photogenic child I have ever seen. Seriously, if we're going for "Most Likely to be the BC Child Model," our little Tobes wins.

We have worked hard alongside Tobasqui's mother to better his behavior in school. His mother isn't exactly a disciplinarian, and his father died years ago. We have to push Martha to push Tobasqui to better himself. She often wants to baby him, since he's the younger of her two children. But when he gets in trouble, she does her best to teach him consequences. Since the beginning of the year, we haven't received any more calls about Tobasqui's behavior. We're proud of this fact. We hope we can keep Tobasqui motivated because he's extremely bright. If he keeps up his behavior, he could do very well as he gets older.

Please pray we can help Martha be a good mother to Tobasqui and that Tobasqui will grow up learning discipline and responsibility. Please consider sponsoring Tobasqui's trip to Amapala with our BC family this year.