Henyi: Forging ahead and succeeding in middle school

By Michael Carson


Henyi finished her first year of secondary school in 7th grade just a few weeks ago. We’re proud of this girl and how far she has come.

We have had to work through some teenage girl drama for sure this year, and that has proved difficult for our team. But the bright spot in Henyi is she is always willing to ask for forgiveness. None of us are perfect. God’s grace washes all of us clean on a daily basis. We believe in giving Henyi and other kids in our program that same chance. Many times this requires a major attitude adjustment, reminding them of how blessed they are to have this opportunity and sometimes a whole lot of Jewish mothering. But hey, whatever works, right?

Henyi is a fighter, and as long as she is willing to pick herself up, apologize and keep on trying, we’ll be right there with her fighting along the way. We look forward to seeing the rest of high school for this smart girl. We hope she stays on the right path to being different than the rest of her family.

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