Leonardo: Following his parents' example of hard work and respect

By Michael Carson


Leo entered our education program for the first time this year. He’s the son of our house parents, and we have enjoyed seeing his responsible demeanor influence the rest of our kids in the program.

Leo will begin his second year in our program as a ninth grader in February at Santa Monica. While he struggled in math, Leo behaviorally was one of our best. He came from schools who didn’t have as difficult of math classes, and thus had to adjust accordingly. But he kept fighting and trying, and sometimes that’s all you can ask for when something is so new. Oscar and Alba, his parents, instilled honorable values in him like respect and hard work. Leo is very fortunate to have such positively influential parents, because some of our other kids don’t have such a luxury.

We hope Leo will continue his success in our program over the next few years, and we look forward to seeing this happen. Please reward Leo’s hard work with a trip to the Beach alongside his parents and the rest of our BC family!