Dixon: Our spunky new friend

Originally posted November 21, 2013

By John Carson


When we have new residents at Breaking Chains, they usually are quietly respectful at first, feeling very out of their element. But few jump into leadership positions within the first few weeks of being with us. Dixon proved different. Within weeks of being here, she volunteered to help with kid’s class on Sunday. She has now done it for two weeks in a row along with one of our other teens, Yovanny.

Dixon has bounced around different centers and homes like lots of our teens. She lived most of her childhood with her mother in La Ceiba on the North coast of the country. After her mother passed several years ago, a friend of her mother’s took her and her sister in until that friend could no longer care for them. That family friend had to put her in a center in La Ceiba. Then after a brief, unhappy stint of living with her aggressive father in Roatan, that same friend of her mother’s brought her to a center here in Tegucigalpa. She talks about her family and personal history with quiet sadness.

Dixon has now come to live with us, and she is already making her mark around the building. Her spunky personality made an appearance her first night out to feed on the streets with us on a Friday night. At one point, it was just Dixon and I handing out food and about a dozen people were around us all with hands out for food. Some kept calling her “Nixon,” to which she responded by saying “I’m not Nixon, I’m Diiixxonnnnn” (with a touch a sass). She had a similar response when someone kept hounding her for chili sauce, she said, “Well go buy some then!”

Along with her fiery nature, I have seen a gentleness in her spirit towards the little ones in the building. She is always so sweet to the kids and loves to play with them when they are around her. I am excited to see what God has in store for this wonderful girl.