Nayeli: Passing on the blessings

Originally posted November 21, 2013

Nayeli (right) with Pamela following their school’s Independence Day parade

Nayeli (right) with Pamela following their school’s Independence Day parade

By Courtney Mathews


There are few concepts more beautiful than that of “paying it forward.” Recently, during a dinner table conversation with several of our Breaking Chains kids, the “What do you want to be when you grow up?” question was posed. After a round of nurse, lawyer, and race car driver responses had been uttered, it was Nayeli’s turn.

Her first response was “an astronaut.” Everyone chuckled a little at her answer, but soon quieted as she followed up by saying that she also really wants to help people. That she wants to open a foundation or a center for underprivileged kids or single mothers. That she has been blessed, and she wants to be able to similarly bless others..

I couldn’t help but smile at that response, or escape the warm feeling in my heart as the rest of the kids around the table echoed her sentiment. It was so great to see the kids actually “get it.” That small conversation reveals so much about Nayeli’s heart. She has such a sweet nature and a desire to serve. I pray that God continues to foster that sweetness and opens doors for her to share it with others.

Lucky for us, Nayeli recently watched a movie about space that scared her out of being an astronaut. (Which is good, because I don’t think Honduras has a space program). So hopefully she will continue to pursue her passion for helping others. We can’t wait to see what Nayeli in 15 years looks like, because the present-day Nayeli is pretty amazing.