Suyapa: Beyond the wall

Originally posted November 21, 2013

By Courtney Mathews


Suyapa has four children that live with her at Breaking Chains: Yahaira, Brayan, Axel and Angi. But you might not know it if you were just eavesdropping – because she doesn’t like for the children to call her “mom.” That, coupled with her tough exterior, might lead you to believe that she is distant from her children. But that’s far from the truth.

Suyapa puts on a hard front. Her past life experiences have taught her to do so. But if you can see past the initial wall, you are sure to witness several sweet moments. Like her kneeling to re-tie the strings on Angi’s dress that have come undone from skipping around the building. Or walking hand-in-hand with her mentally challenged teenage son Brayan as she leads him down the stairs to help him take a bath. Or smiling with pride as her son Axel walks across the stage at Kindergarten graduation.

She loves her children. And more than anything else, they are the reason she presses forward. Suyapa certainly has her ups and downs. She has her attempts and failures, and she and we both share frustrations with one another. But through all of Suyapa’s inconsistency, her adoration for her family is constant. It’s a peek through the crack in her tough shell, and what can be glimpsed on the other side is beautiful.