Edis: a mother finally learning to read

Originally posted November 27, 2013

By Michael Carson


There are few people in the building I have more confidence in than Edis. I would trust her with just about anything. She’s not perfect, but she’s a loving, kind mother of four I thank God I have in my life.

Early this year my mom’s class began giving to Breaking Chains to provide a cleaning job for Edis at our building. Along with her job and ability to add income for her family, she also started school in February and is learning how to read. She has “tried classes” maybe a half dozen times, and she said she never felt like it clicked. She never felt like anyone cared.

Now Edis can read on a first grade level, and in February she will continue learning. She may not know a lot still, but she is willing to be taught. And there’s a light in her eyes now when she tells she what she knows. What a God thing that is.

Please give this wonderful mother of four a relaxing few days at the beach with her husband and kids. She has had a year of hard work, and she’s earned a little relaxation.