Yahaira: A weary, dedicated mother

Originally posted November 26, 2013

By Michael Carson


I have loved getting to know our teens, especially the ones who have been with us the longest. I feel like they understand me, and I understand them, even when they mess up. I feel this is probably the most about Yahaira. I hurt when she hurts, and she hurts when I hurt. And I have hurt for her over the past few weeks as her little boy Angel has been in the hospital.

In a recent accident, Yahaira’s son Angel burned his arm and part of his back after playing too close to some hot water just a few weeks ago. It all happened in an instant, and all were instantly terrified.

Since November 9, Angel has been recuperating in the hospital, and Yahaira has been at his side every day, talking to the doctors and taking care of him. She has barely slept, but she just keeps saying, “I can’t leave him.”

Yahaira told me the doctors are supposed to do skin grafts on Tuesday, but they’re in a public hospital. Doctors’ words aren’t always the most reliable, and often things take longer than they say. Please pray Angel gets the best care possible and continues to improve, slowly but steadily.

We’re not sure Yahaira will be able to attend Beach Christmas, but we would still like to get her presents and make sure her Christmas with Angel is special, even if they’re not able to vacation at the beach with us.