Our favorite charm of Amapala

Originally posted November 27, 2013

By Courtney Mathews


Amapala isn’t a beach that we love for its resort-style amenities. In fact, we love it more for the lack thereof. It’s simple and rustic nature are what we consider to be its charms.

So while there’s no assortment of five-star restaurants on hand, to us there is something even better: a tiny beach shack held together by wood, rope and plastic and manned by one of the nicest families you’ll ever meet.

The family, headed by father Diestafano and mother Hermalinda, has played host to our crazy Breaking Chains family for the past two Beach Christmases. They are always ready, fridge stocked full of glass bottled soda and waving to us as our boat arrives on the beach. And they continue to be gracious and share their smiles even in the middle of us ordering 40 plates of food per meal.

The undertaking of the weekend is truly a family affair. Diestafano and his older boys are charged with making the fresh catches for the trip. And, when their boat returns with nets full of fish and shrimp for our crew to devour, Hermalinda and her girls begin the cooking. At first, you may have to get used to eating a fish with the face still attached, but you’ll get over it quickly. Because it’s delicious.

Diestafano’s family is more than just the family that makes our food. They have become our friends. Throughout the trip, their kids will join our kids in building sandcastles or playing soccer on the beach. And the parents will bond over watching their beautiful children splashing in the waves.

For the past two years, we have been able to bless Diestafano’s family with small gifts during our trip, and we would like to do so again this year. We are seeking an additional $125 sponsorship to provide those gifts.