Michel: Pre-K

Originally posted January 12, 2016



Name: Michel

Age: 4

Grade: Pre-K

Needs: $100 per month,

               One-time $600 donation for upfront costs

Little Michel has been a part of Breaking Chains her entire life. Her family is one the first family’s with whom the ministry ever worked, and she was born during a time when her family was living in our building. The family has since moved on to their own place, but we still maintain a strong connection with them.

Michel’s older siblings, Nayeli, Escarlen, and Melvin, have all been sponsored as part of our education program for the past few years. Now, Michel is old enough to enroll and join her brothers and sisters in private school.

We are excited about giving Michel and opportunity to attend private school from the get-go of her education experience. We pray that getting an early start will build confidence in Michel and that she can continue to grow in knowledge and faith as she, along with her siblings, seek to break the cycle of poverty for their families.

Please consider a full or partial sponsorship of this little girl’s education costs!