Melvin: Second Grade

Originally posted January 12, 2016



Name: Melvin

Age: 7

Grade: Second

Needs: $50 per month

Melvin and his family have been a part of Breaking Chains almost since its inception. For the past few years, he and his older sisters have been a part of our education program. If you have ever met Melvin, you know that he can come off as very shy. Until you get to know him, he will give you sheepish looks and barely audible one-worded answers to questions. But watch Melvin playing with his friends, and it is a different story.

Melvin loves playing with his friends, both at Breaking Chains and at school. Having a solid educational environment has allowed him to open up and grow in confidence. He still struggles with motivation at times, but Melvin continues to succeed in school and is ready for second grade next year.

Melvin is in need of $50 per month to round out his monthly sponsorship costs. Please consider donating to give this sweet, quiet boy a shot at a better future through education.