Dayana: Third grade

Originally posted January 12, 2016



Name: Dayana

Age: 9

Grade: Third

Needs: $20 per month

If you’ve visited our ministry at any point in time over the past several years, you’ve likely met Dayana. But if you haven’t visited recently, the Dayana of today may be very different than the image you have in your mind. Dayana has grown so much over the past couple of years that it is at times hard to believe she is the same person.

Circumstances of Dayana’s past had formed her into an out of control child, acting out wildly in attempts to gain any attention she could get – be it positive or negative. She was aggressive at school and home, threw fits with her teachers, and manipulated any situation she could. A combination of changes in her home life and school life have turned things around for her in incredible ways.

Dayana switched schools a couple of years ago to a location with smaller class sizes and where she could be with completely new kids and in a new environment without baggage. Dayana is thriving there. It took some time to adjust and her first year was not without behavioral issues, but every day Dayana is growing more and more in all the right ways. She feels more secure in herself, she trusts the people around her and has easily made many friends, she feels more rested in God’s grace and has the confidence to succeed in her school work. At the school’s Christmas program this year, Dayana was tasked with reading a poem in English all by herself. Watching her on stage confidently reading in a language that she is still learning was such a beautiful picture of the way that God has been working in her little heart. The school believes in Dayana, and so she also believes in herself.

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