Jonathan: Fourth Grade

Originally posted January 12, 2016



Name: Jonathan

Age: 11

Grade: Fourth

Needs: $60 per month

Jonathan is one of the brightest students we have in our education program. He has a love for learning and easily picks up new subjects. Over the course of his bilingual education, he has picked up a great deal of English and loves to use it to joke and interact with our U.S. groups.

Jonathan, along with his brother Arol, have recently changed schools.  When the two began their initial schooling, they both had to start a little behind due to not having been enrolled in school previously. That caused them to be older than the majority of their classmates. The new school operates on a different schedule (August to May rather than February to November). That means that the boys were able to start immediately after finishing at the first school in November and eliminate a chunk of the age gap that separated them from their classmates.

The new school offers smaller class sizes, a more challenging academic environment, and a very involved and caring school staff.

With the new school environment, however, has come an increase in costs. Instead of $100 per month, Jonathan will need a sponsorship of $160 per month. At this point in time, he remains $60 short of that goal. Please consider sponsoring this bright boy and his education!