Edis: Seeking a better future for her children

Originally posted December 2, 2015

(Edis, pictured on the right, with her sister Mirna)

By Amber Foster

Mama Edis with her pack of kiddos trailing her into church – this is the image I see when I think of Edis. Always looking slightly tired, slightly disheveled, shy, but with a deep love for her children. I have seen this sweet, quiet, woman turn into a tiger when she felt the need to defend her babies. Edis lives and breathes family.

We have spent the last few years trying to help her see the potential for change in their precious faces. She struggles to see a future any different from her own in her babies, but she’s starting to. She’s pushing them to reach their potential. This year all three of her kids in school passed their respective grades. It was an uphill battle, but the incline gets slightly less each year. Watching hope grow in a mother’s eyes is a powerful thing, and we pray that that hope continues to grow and change the lives of her four children.

Edis probably won’t start a conversation with you, but if you start talking to her, you’re in for a treat. She has an incredible sense of humor and desire to bring joy. She has instilled in her children her shy but playful manner and it’s fun to watch that develop in them.  

Edis and her family have joined us the past few years at Beach Christmas, and each year we watch with deep joy as they lay down their defenses and relax together as a family. Help us provide that opportunity once again to this wonderful mother.