Dixon: A big personality and a bright future

Originally posted December 2, 2015


By Amber Foster

To know Dixon is to love her. Her bubbly personality and eagerness to please draws people to her. Once you get to know her, you encounter the fiery young lady inside. Dixon sometimes struggles to control the instinct to fight against anything she views as controlling her, but she is fighting, and she is winning.

Dixon just finished 8th grade. Next year she will go on to complete two years at once of high school. I have no doubt that God has big plans for this girl who has drawn my little girl into her heart. Dixon frequently babysits for me and upon arriving at our ministry home, Rosie tears up the stairs calling for Dixon. She will often come down with some bangle or new hairdo that Dixon has shared with her. Dixon is a leader in our youth class, and if one of our children’s class teachers is absent she happily, and efficiently, assumes the role of Bible class teacher.  

Dixon’s life has not been easy. She has deep trust issues with men and invokes fight or flight when she feels confronted by them. But she’s growing. She has her first boyfriend in Santoni and while we keep a close eye on the relationship, it has been endearing to watch them open up to each other. He strives to protect her heart and is being rewarded with one of the most caring hearts we’ve seen come through our doors.

Please help Dixon join our family Christmas celebration and continue to open the doors of her heart.