Wualter: Our youth minister and soon-to-be newlywed

Originally posted December 3, 2015


By Amber Foster

Over the past year and a half Wualter has become an irreplaceable part of our ministry. His official title is youth minister, but he serves as so much more. He is a mentor and guide to our teens and an eager volunteer to anything that might need an extra hand.  

Wualter and I have spent many hours talking about the ministry and the love that has grown in his heart for what we are trying to do. He is the first to admit that it started out as just a job and has grown into a passion. Wualter has also stepped up to be our interim preacher while we are searching for a full-time replacement. Song leader he isn’t, but he does his best and treats the congregation with love and care. I don’t believe that there is anything we have asked of Wualter that he hasn’t eagerly and efficiently completed.  

For the past two years Wualter has been saving up to marry his sweetheart Nuria. Their courtship is something he speaks of often to our teens as they tend to rush into and out of relationships. He has shown them the benefits of waiting and devoting yourself to one women, and two weeks before Beach Christmas he will finally make it official.  Wualter and Nuria will be wed on Dec 12 and hope to return from their honeymoon in time to join us. Help us celebrate this adorable couple and a man that has dedicated more than his fair share to see this ministry succeed.