Rosa C. is sponsored!

Originally posted March 4, 2012

Update: Rosa C. is now sponsored! Thank you so much to her generous sponsors!

Name: Rosa C.

Age: 16

Program: Rosa will be enrolled in high school classes. She will also receive baking/pastry training. Rosa began a baking class through the last children’s home she was in and enjoyed it. This class will help to further her knowledge.

Rosa has been with Breaking Chains since fall 2011. She has a tough exterior, but a sweet inside and need to be challenged. She has already had some schooling and training through her time with other children’s homes in the city where she lived previously. We hope that these opportunities will stretch her and open her up to a whole new world of possibilities.

You can sponsor Rosa for a one-time donation of $100 for upfront costs and $50 per month for recurring expenses.