Arnol is now sponsored!

Originally published March 4, 2012

Arnol is now sponsored. Thank you to his generous sponsors and their continued commitment to Arnol’s future!

Name: Arnol

Age: 16

Program: Arnol is enrolled in a computer training program. He is also enrolled in a high school program during the week.

Arnol has been with Breaking Chains since fall 2011. Though he hasn’t always had opportunities to apply it, Arnol is extremely inquisitive and likes working with anything electronic (cameras, video, computers, etc.). Receiving training in computers will be a great outlet for him to tap into his inquisitive nature and gain valuable skills that will help him to enter the workforce. Arnol has a great attitude and is always smiling. We know he is excited for this new phase.

You can sponsor Arnol for a one-time donation of $100 for upfront costs and $50 per month for recurring expenses.