Karina is now sponsored!

Originally posted March 4, 2012

Karina is now fully sponsored! Thank you so much to her generous contributors and their commitment to Karina’s future. 

Name: Karina

Age: 15

Program: Karina will be enrolled in night school and will also begin beauty training at La Pradera Technical School.

Karina is the daughter of Belkis and older sister to Pamela, Arol, Jonatan, Dayana and Rosie. She has never attended school before and is, at times, embarrassed by her poor reading and writing ability. Karina is assertive and competitive, though. So it is our hope that if those qualities are channeled through education and training, it will foster a greater self-confidence and excitement for the future. Please be in prayer over Karina’s path as she works hard both for herself and as an example to her younger siblings.

Karina’s monthly costs have been taken care of. Thank you to her generous sponsors! We are still looking for a one-time donation of $100 to cover her upfront costs.