Juan: A proud father

Originally posted December 5, 2015

By Michael Carson

I had the distinct pleasure of watching Allison’s father Juan gush over her graduation this week, and I felt like I got to know him in a very important way.

Juan is very quiet, often solemn. He experiences a lot of back pain that makes it difficult for him to work constantly, which puts pressure on his wife to provide for their family. But I don’t believe that’s what Juan wants. He wants to provide for his family as much as he can. At Allison’s graduation I saw Juan’s heart.

As the presenters announced Juan’s name, he beamed with pride at his little girl. His face was bright in a way, even Lorna said, it had never been before. Lorna said, “It’s so important for him to experience this. He keeps so much inside of him. But today he got to be just a dad. He got to be proud of his little girl.”

We’re looking forward to having Juan be a part of Beach Christmas for the first time and give him another positive memory with his family. This little family deserves to celebrate Christmas in a relaxing, fun way with the rest of their BC family. Please help Juan celebrate Christmas with us in Amapala!