Luis: Providing for his family

Originally posted December 5, 2015


Marjorie, Maholy and Francois are three of our newest private school kiddos. Their mother Erika is always front and center in everything they due, fighting so hard for her kids. But we don’t see their dad (to Francois)/step-dad to the girls) Luis as much. He’s always working.

You might interpret that as negative, but in this country that means he’s providing. It would be easier to stay at home or leave his family, but Luis works hard and maintains a steady job to feed his family.

We would love to encourage Luis to come to church more often, and we’re hoping by inviting him to Beach Christmas we can build a stronger connection with him. We also believe in strengthening the bond in his family. We know positive memories create strong connections within families.

Please consider creating a positive memory for Luis’ family and sponsor his relaxing, fun Christmas experience in Amapala this year. You will give him his first trip to the beach in his life!