Escarlen: Growing in confidence to succeed

Originally posted December 5, 2015

By Michael Carson

Out of all the kids we work with in our ministry, Escarlen has probably struggled the most academically. Her lack of self-confidence has always kept her from doing her best. But slowly God is working on little Escarlen’s heart through a wealth of people to show her she’s worth the fight.

We enrolled Escarlen in bilingual school four years ago, and she has lost her way at times. But with a lot of encouragement she continues to pick herself up. She will start fifth grade in February, and we couldn’t be more proud of Escarlen’s continual efforts to better herself.

Escarlen once in the middle of class called out her classmates for teasing a new kid for being different. She said, “It’s not his fault he’s new. We should be his friends.” We believe in this beautiful heart Escarlen has. She wants to help others, and we hope we can give her the proper education to do that on a grand scale in the future.

The only obstacle for Escarlen’s success is herself. We constantly have to remind her that she is worth it. She is wanted, and she is loved. God created her for a purpose, and she only need to seize the opportunities given to her and work her hardest in the process.

Help us continue blessing this little girl and showing her how loved she is by so many. Please consider sponsoring Escarlen’s Beach Christmas experience this year!