Skarleth: our skilled stylist

Originally posted November 26, 2013

By Courtney Mathews


Skarleth Avila, the beautiful girl pictured above, is one of our newest residents at Breaking Chains. After having a friendship with them for the past couple of years, she and her friend Sara moved in with us this past August.

Skarleth, like many of the other kids at our building, has had a rough childhood of bouncing between various children’s homes. And like most others, she at times has a tough exterior and an occasional attitude. But below is a girl who just wants to be loved, and she is always ready with a hug and a smile to brighten your day.

Skarleth recently completed a barber training program and was one of the best in her class. She has recently been on the job hunt and found a position in a salon that we hope will turn into steady employment.

Skarleth has the skills and the true potential to change her circumstances if she wants it. We pray that God places within her the persistence necessary to elevate herself to a better position. And we pray that she continues to seek God’s strength and guidance throughout it all.