Jonathan: an ornery, brilliant little chef

Originally posted November 26, 2016

By John Carson


I do nearly all the cooking around the house, and I just always count on Jonathan to be right there wanting to help. He was very excited a little while back on a day that my back was especially hurting, and I let him do most of the cooking. “I am the chef,” he said. This boy loves to help with anything you are doing. And there has yet to be a meal that he does not want more of. He is a bottomless pit when it comes to eating.

As a little brother myself, I understand Jonathan’s sweet and ornery nature. He is very adept at knowing what buttons to push to bother his brother and sisters, and at times, his parents. But hey, what are little brothers for? Slowly, but surely he is learning when to leave people alone.

Every day in school, I am always impressed with how smart he is, even though he started school later in life and has had not been in the same school for an entire year. A few weeks ago, I told him to do his homework, and he said “It’s science; it’s really easy.” As a person who loves science, this makes me very happy. And he loves to read so much! We had to move his bedtime up a while back, and the bargain he made was as long as he could read two books instead of one.

We are blessed to have our ornery little reader in our house. And I cannot wait to see what God has in store for him as we continue to live together as a family.