Dayana: a little mess with a sweet heart

Originally posted November 26, 2013

By John Carson


Many have come through the doors of Breaking Chains, and thought exactly what I thought when I first met Dayana: “She’s a wild one!” Furthermore, she was probably doing everything she could to annoy you. That was the old Dayana.

I only know some of the abuses and terrible things that she has endured that make her misbehave.She still has a lot to work through. To say she’s a strong-willed child would be the understatement no one could ever trump. But she’s learning slowly, perhaps one grey-hair created at a time.

After a scary year for us and her while she was in INHFA, we are now blessed to read to her and pray with her every night. And that has helped with a lot of her behavior issues – simple stability.

My wife likes to say that she has me wrapped around her finger (which may be a little true). But she continually finds ways to melt my heart even when she is in trouble. Often when she is in trouble, she has to go to her room for a while. Getting her to stay in there is sometimes a challenge as she loves to draw you a picture and bring it to you, and then say “I love you so much!”

She is a bundle of energy who loves to play with any animal, draw or color anything she can and give hugs and kisses. I have seen this girl transform from being a little terror to deal with to now my sweet little girl who is fighting to learn to behave. And for that, I am immensely blessed.