Skarleth: Seeking hope through brokenness

Originally posted December 10, 2014



By Amber Foster

I have worked with a lot of broken girls through my time with Breaking Chains, but I fear Skarleth is one of our most broken. Her ability to hide her feelings and put on a happy face allows her to easily recede into the background. Despite her struggles, Skarleth is able to maintain a full-time job cutting hair, which means I don’t get nearly as many opportunities to sit and talk with her as I do the other kids. Skarleth has been sorely mistreated and abused throughout her past but has great goals for her future. I just wish she could see how strong she is.

The times that we do get to talk are often long and full of alternating angry attitudes and desperate tears. Skarleth is currently three months pregnant and terrified about the future. When she told her mother that she was pregnant, her mother’s response was “it’s about time”. As a young woman, Skarleth is not prepared for this little one, but we are working together to make sure she knows what she needs to know and that she knows she has a family around her that will support her in her fight to succeed.

Even though Skarleth struggles with her emotions, she has shown herself to be very responsible, holding down her job and helping around the house. When Skarleth opens herself up she is very caring and quite funny. I enjoy the time I get to spend with Skarleth, and I pray that she is able to accept God’s love and forgiveness as she moves forward.