Miguel: Battling and pressing onward

Originally posted December 10, 2014


By Amber Foster

Miguel and I have a long history of fighting battles together. This kid has a heart of gold but has come from an incredibly dark past. His addictions have led him to places that only God has had the power to pull him from. But over the past year I have had the huge blessing of watching him fall less and less and grow closer and closer to God. I have watched him allow forgiveness into his heart and begin to realize his own self-worth.

Miguel has spent the last four months living in the country, renting a room and working to save money up to move back into the city. It is a struggle for him to be away from those of us here that he considers family, but he knows that it is for the best. I am so proud of the changes I’ve seen him make.

We talk weekly about dedicating his life to God and being baptized but there is something holding him back. He is hungry for forgiveness but still struggles to believe that he is worth saving. I love this dear boy as a son, and he has taught me so much about my own relationship with God and my need for forgiveness. Miguel puts on a tough front, but when he allows himself to love he commits completely and is loyal to a fault.