Jonathan: Our intelligent, caring mischief-maker

December 10, 2014


By Amber Foster

10-year-old Jonathan is, like most of his siblings, a complete ball of energy. Without direction, Jonathan will drive you and everyone else in the room insane. But give him a job or a way to help others and he will happily work all day long.

I love watching Jonathan seek out ways to serve others. He loves to help cook in the kitchen or help me with the little ones when we are all together.

Jonathan is also extremely bright. I believe his attention issues are a direct result of his above average intelligence. With that intelligence comes a hilarious wit that is a joy to be around. Jonathan can hold his own in a conversation better than kids much older than him, often getting himself in trouble with his off-hand remarks.

But my favorite thing about Jonathan, and the thing that I will thank God for for the rest of my life, was his dedication to caring for his little sisters when they were in the children’s home. When the kids first came home, I would often find myself telling Jonathan that he could let go. He didn’t have to be their protector anymore. God has blessed Michael, John and I with that job now but we are infinitely thankful that Jonathan was there when we couldn’t be.