Rolando: Headed toward a bright future

Originally posted November 28, 2015

*Rolando is now sponsored for Beach Chrismtas 2015!

By Michael Carson

Rolando is one of our newest teens in our ministry. He came to us from another center for teens, and he has been a funny kid to get to know.

Rolando is finishing up his last year of high school, and he will be ready to start at the university in June. We’re so proud of all he has accomplished since we began to know him in August when he moved in to our ministry house.

Apart from high school, Rolando also has an internship at a barber shop. Usually during the day you’ll only find Rolando in our ministry house for a brief time in the mornings, coming home for his lunch break and in the evenings doing homework and laughing with our other teens.

We’re still getting to know Rolando, but we’re excited to help him fulfill his dreams of starting college in June. He’s a relatively new member of our family, but we’re so excited to see who he becomes in his future.

Won’t you help us make Rolando’s first Christmas with us a great one and sponsor him for Beach Christmas 2015?!