Martha: A fiercely loving mother

Originally posted November 28, 2015


By Michael Carson

Since I have known her, Martha has always fought for her kids. She makes mistakes, but she fights. She runs the errands, takes them where they need to go and talks to their teachers.

Martha’s family has had a place in our ministry for several years now with her two children Henyi and Tobasque. Henyi just finished sixth grade and will start seventh in February when the new year starts. Tobasque just finished first grade and will start second.

Martha struggles with the usual issues our BC parents have. She rarely makes enough money, and she has a low self-esteem which means she has difficulty instilling confidence in her children. But Martha loves her kids fully. You can’t fault her for that. She comes with a lot of excuses, and that sometimes drives me nuts. But she listens to criticism.

Our ministry team has to work closely alongside each parent to help them discover how to become the best version of themselves and therefore as parents. Martha is improving, and that’s all we ask. Every week can be a struggle for her, but she does try and truly loves her kids.

Please join us in helping Martha enjoy our Beach Christmas with her family and consider being her sponsor.