Eugenio: A quiet family man

Originally posted November 28, 2015



By Courtney Sullivan

Being the head of a family is tough. Trying to hold everything together through the ups and downs of life in urban poverty in Honduras is even tougher. In a city where many children never know the presence of a father in their lives, having a strong, consistent paternal figure is such an incredible blessing to a family. And that’s exactly what Eugenio is.

Eugenio has been a part of our lives for the past few years. He is a quiet man, but he loves his family fiercely and strives to provide for them in the best way he can. Eugenio works construction and other odd jobs to support himself, his wife Edis and his four children (Nayeli, Escarlen, Melvin and Michelle).  His life is not easy, but he knows the weight of his responsibility and seeks to give everything he can to his children.

Eugenio’s school-age children are all sponsored and enrolled in private school in the city. As they continue to progress, all of the children will far exceed the education level achieved by their father. They all have the potential to break the cycle of poverty for their family, and having a solid support system at home through Eugenio and Edis is so important to their success.

Eugenio has joined us for Beach Christmas a few times over the years. We love watching this quiet, often serious man relax and let loose with his family on the beach. As Eugenio laughs and plays with his children, you can see the contentment on his face from having his family all together – happy, healthy and progressing on toward their goals.

Please consider sponsoring Eugenio and giving this family man another wonderful Christmas with the ones he loves!