Nayeli: Finding her worth

Originally posted November 28, 2015



By Michael Carson

Nayeli has always struggled to find herself in other people. Since I first met her four years ago, I could sense how badly she wanted and needed approval. She needed so much love. But this year has proved her best year yet.

Nayeli finished the last school year, and I wasn’t sure she would be back for another. She was becoming rebellious with her parents and was showing too much interest in boys. I sat down with her at the end of last school year and explained the sacrifices being made for her. A family in the States was sacrificing their hard-earned money so that she could have an education. We weren’t going to watch her throw that away, and she needed to make some decisions about what she wanted.

Nayeli began to cry and told me desperately how much she wanted a better life than her family has had. We explained to her she had to change her behavior and show us she wanted to be different. Older boys didn’t care about her, only her looks. A good boy would one day respect her for her intelligence, strength and heart.

Nayeli began the school year in February with a much better attitude. She worked hard and made good grades. She just finished her sixth-grade year at Santa Monica. I’m so proud of her choices to respect herself. She is worthy. God created her to be someone special.

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