Edys: a mother wanting better for her kids

Originally posted December 1, 2012

Edys (right) pictured with her sister Mirna (left)

Edys (right) pictured with her sister Mirna (left)

Before I came to Honduras, I always wondered how the illiterate survived and how frustrating it would feel to live in a world with symbols everyone around you understood but you didn’t. Then I stepped into a relationship with a family with two illiterate parents and realized how truly limited your options are.

My mother used to get so frustrated when she couldn’t think of another way to explain a math problem to me. I can’t imagine how she would feel if she couldn’t even read it.

I get frustrated when I can’t explain a homework concept to Nayeli or Escarlen. I can’t imagine being their mother and not being able to read even a story to my children. That’s Edys life.

When we enrolled the kids for school, we had to read everything to Edys. But she still beamed with proud knowing the opportunity her children would have. She wants better for them than she had.

Edys may rarely have the ability to do homework with her children, but she jumps at any chance to help, from making sure her girls study to disciplining them if they don’t.

Countless times we have said, “Just make sure [either Escarlen or Nayeli] studies again before she goes to sleep.” Edys will make it happen…always.

We can also always say, “Escarlen isn’t minding” or “Nayeli doesn’t want to do her homework.” And Edys will pounce. Her frequent response, “Well, we’ll just see about that.”

Let me just say I’m slightly terrified of Edys; so, I can’t imagine how her children feel. I have a deep respect for her and what she overcomes every day.

Edys loves her children with all that she is. She and Eugenio work hard. I’m so proud we have the honor of helping this family every day.

Please celebrate this wonderful mother this Christmas and give her the relaxation she deserves but rarely gets.