Yovanny: a sweet heart

Originally posted December 2, 2012

We have a lot of smooth-talkers among our crew at Breaking Chains. Our team has experience with them and knows how to spot them. But then we have some who are a little bit weird. Our Yovanny is a weirdo, but he’s the sweetest, most helpful weirdo you ever did see.

Who can blame any of them – after a life on the street, you would have to manipulate or just turn strange.

This 19-year-old has wormed his annoying way into my heart. He asked a hundred million questions and constantly asked for money. He used to always say he would pay it back but never did. So, we have since dropped that act.

But he frequently tells me how special I am and that we help him so much. He loves us very much and feels safe with us.

We can tell very easily this kid has never known love. He’s awkward. His eyes seem to open wider than should be naturally possible. Everyone likes to refer to him as crazy eyes. I have seen many other teens run when he comes.

Yovanny has found a place where people love him with an unconditionally love he’s never know – and that is Jesus’. Please make Yovanny feel special this Christmas and sponsor him to spend Christmas with his new family.