Amber Michel: a blessed, little girl

Originally posted December 1, 2012

You’ve heard people say, “All babies are cute!” and of course, every mother believes hers is the cutest – but Amber Michel really is one of the prettiest, baby girls you’ve ever seen.

The first time I saw her, she was sleeping despite the fact she was being passed between some of the “older” little girls at BC and despite the fact it was thundering and raining like crazy. The next time I saw her she was stretched out on a blanket near her mama snoozing again. But finally I got to hold her, and she gave me such amazing gorgeous smiles!

Amber Michel is named after Amber and Michael; so she has a lot to live up to!  She is the fourth child of Edys and Eugenio, and her family has lived at our building for a little over a year now.

In the most important ways, Amber Michel is blessed. She is dearly loved by her devoted parents, her siblings and by the missionaries who, by God’s power, have provided her family a home.

With God’s help hopefully we can raise the money we hope to get to move her family into their own home this summer, but in the meantime, please consider sponsoring precious Amber Michel this Christmas.  Diapers and baby clothes are expensive and in short supply  at Breaking Chains – a need that you can help satisfy, Lord willing.