Allison: Overcoming obstacles with a smile

Allison (right) with her sister, Jennifer (left)

Allison (right) with her sister, Jennifer (left)

By Amber Foster

-Allison is now sponsored for Beach Christmas!-

Seven-year-old Allison is a fighter. No child should have to face crippling tumors at the age of four, but Allison did. She fought hard to complete her treatment and then to regain the loss of the use of one side of her body. And she did it all with a smile.  

It is such a joy to watch her running around with her friends after church after so much time of watching her struggle just to walk. I love whenever she runs up to me to say hello, looking up at me from her big, sweet eyes shadowed behind her glasses - one of the few remnants of her battles.

She and her little sister are cohorts in giggles, adventures and driving their mama crazy, just as any little girl should be. This shy, precious girl is now thriving in first grade and eager to make up for lost time. Help us share in the joy that is her life at Beach Christmas this year.