Francois: Exuding love and life

By Amber Foster

-Francois is sponsored for Beach Christmas!-

Five-year-old Francois is the youngest of one of the sweetest families we have the honor of working with. I love seeing him ride into church on the back of his daddy’s motorcycle beaming with pride and carrying a helmet that’s bigger than he is. There is no question that he adores his father, or that the feeling is mutual.

Francois’s tiny body holds a big heart that is eager to learn and quick with a smile. He takes painfully awkward posed pictures but the most adorable candid shots you can imagine. He lives life all in with a look of joy and wonder on his face almost constantly.  

Francois is studying hard in kindergarten this year and loves school. He’s a polite little boy who is loved by all who meet him. Help us share our Christmas adventure with a boy who will truly squeeze every ounce of fun out of the experience.