Allison: An amazing example of God’s healing

Originally posted December 7, 2015


By Courtney Sullivan

Little Allison has had quite the journey since we first met her and her family a few years ago.

Two years ago, due to the presence of a benign tumor pressing on her brain stem, Allison lost, almost entirely, her ability to walk, talk coherently, control of her bodily functions and use of one of her arms. After years and physical therapy treatment, Allison’s tumor has shrunk drastically to the point that it doesn’t affect her any more. She runs, laughs and studies like any other child.

This year, Allison was even sponsored to attend her first year of private school. We worried that her lowered immune system due to chemo treatments would interfere with her ability to learn. She just graduated preparatoria, though, after a wonderful year of growing academically and making friends. Allison’s confidence also soared through this experience.

This will be Allison’s first Beach Christmas with us. She and her family were invited last year but, due to her treatments, Allison’s mother feared she would be too sick to make the trip. So we are extra excited to have her along this year!

Please join us in praising God for Allison’s life and her incredible recovery. And please consider sponsoring her for her first Beach Christmas!