Santoni: Laughing and overcoming

Originally posted December 7, 2015


Above: Santoni (left) at a VBS in Guajire earlier this year

By John Carson

Santoni laughs. Plain and simple. He is almost always laughing and happily goes about his life. Sometimes they are uncomfortable laughs, like when he told me his dad was dead. When he first came to live with us, he was with us in the hope that his mother would come soon to take him to live with her. That has yet to happen after almost two years. Like anyone, he can be sad and down at times about his situation, but more than anyone he wants to make a good life for himself and do the right thing.

He has overcome and achieved so much just since he has been with us. We were so excited and amazed when his school told us that he was the best student with the best grades in the entire school. This is quite an accomplishment considering the struggles he has had. I am proud of who this hard-working, genuine, loving kid has become. I am excited to see what life brings this guy and to watch him smile and laugh through it with him.

Please consider helping him to have a wonderful Beach Christmas with us!