Escarlen: Fighting for a better future

By Michael Carson


When Escarlen graduates, I’m going to feel like I’m graduating all over again. But we’re going to make it with God’s everlasting grace…somehow.

Escarlen is a part of our original group of students we began in bilingual school five years ago. She has a beautiful heart and love for others. She isn’t a bookworm. She loves school, but she has to fight to make good grades. And she comes from a family who isn’t highly motivated in the schooling area. Neither of her parents ever learned how to read or write. So, most of her motivation comes from within. And as you can imagine, sometimes that's hard to find as a 12-year-old.

So, Escarlen and I have talk after talk after talk, or at least that’s what it feels like sometimes, to keep her motivated. Sometimes, I play bad cop. Sometimes I play good cop. Sometimes I enlist another team member. No matter what we make sure Escarlen knows we believe in her. We push her because she's worth it. We push her parents to push her. God’s grace is abundant, and we believe all of our children, young adults and parents deserve those second, third and fiftieth chances. They need only ask for it.

Please reward Escarlen’s fighting spirit with a trip to the beach with her Breaking Chains family!