Michel: Our shy little school lover

By Michael Carson


Oh Michel, my little namesake – how we love your sweet face. Michel is the baby of the Silva clan, and she doesn’t exactly speak unless she’s decided you’re worth it. Let’s just say most of us aren’t worth it in her eyes.

This little one is just a beauty, but it’s hilarious watching her around the school yard. She screams at the other kids, but as soon as an adult speaks to her, she falls silent, losing any motivation to speak. I would say she’ll probably grow out of it, but most of her siblings are just a grownup version of this. But, wow, does she love school! She was so excited to start school this year and show off her backpack and lunch box to everyone who would look but not speak to her hopefully.

We’re looking forward to seeing the future of this shy, little one. We hope she finds her voice in whatever way means success for her. Please consider blessing little Michel by sponsoring her Christmas trip to the beach with her whole family!