Luis: A dedicated father

By John Carson


I can’t think of the last time I didn’t see Luis at church on Sunday. The arrival of his motorcycle with him and his children hanging off is easily heard. Then they walk in with Luis and his big ol’ smile. He always has it. That’s another thing he has every time I see him.

I remember how happy he was the day a group finished building his family’s house. I remember that that house was a catalyst to seeing him at church every Sunday. And I remember that he had the biggest smile on his face at Beach Christmas when he received new shoes for his tired, working feet. 

I think his work ethic is the thing I appreciate the most about Luis. He is quick to help with benches on Sundays. I never see him when we are building houses because he is off working to provide for his family. His deep commitment to his family is always something I can admire. Please help us give a him a great Christmas, and give us the selfish opportunity to see his big smile agan this year.